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tv   [untitled]    August 22, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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all colors, but there is one color in the rainbow that is almost diminished, and that is the black color. i want to thank the mayor or listening to those of us who've met with him to share our perspective on what we should do collectively and not in isolation to make sure we will not have another press conference to bemoan, complain, wine, cry -- whine, cry about this problem of violence. some do not like to hear this
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true statement, but the bible says ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. this community will never be free. we will never be liberated from this problem until all of our allies and our friends acknowledge that the epicenter of this problem comes from folk who look like me. i have presided over too many funerals. possibly more than any preacher in this town. persons who are not members of third baptist church. but we are gracious to let them have our facility, to accommodate them. i feel that we have something to shout about today.
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no stop and frisk. the mayor has said that. but the mentor of martin luther king said, "he or she who is behind in the race of life must run faster in order to catch up ." we do not have stop and frisk. in this city, we have to run faster to make sure there is not another death. we have to run fast, and make sure there are jobs. run fast to make sure there is education. run fast to make sure there is housing. run fast, so that we will love each other. this is what the naacp is committed to. a lot has been stated here. there was some great rhetoric, some terrific ideas and plans. but this is just like getting
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ready to drink a cup of coffee. you can have all of the cream, all of the coffee, all of the sugar, but, like maxwell house's slogan says, it will never be good until the last drop unless you stir it up, and you will be able to drink and say, "it is good until the last drop." the naacp will be starring you up to make sure that all we have said that is in this cup will be good to the last drop. >> thank you, reverend brown. think the mayor. think members of the press. thank you to the community and the board of supervisors. thank you for being here. god bless you.
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>> everyone deserves a bank account. in san francisco, anyone can have a bank account, things to an innovative program, bank on s.f. >> everyone is welcome, even if you are not a citizen or have bad credit to qualify for a bank account is simple. just live or work in san francisco and have a form of id. >> we started bank on s.f. six years ago to reach out to folks in the city who do not have a bank account. we wanted to make sure they know they have options which should be more low-cost, more successful to them and using chat catchers. >> check cashing stores can be
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found all over the city, but they're convenient locations come with a hidden price. >> these are big. >> i remember coming in to collect -- charged a fee to collect a monogram. >> people who use check catchers, particularly those who use them to cash their paychecks all year long, they can pay hundreds, even a thousand dollars a year just in fees to get access to their pay. >> i do not have that kind of money. >> i would not have to pay it if i had a bank account. >> bank accounts are essential. they keep your money saved and that helps save for the future. most banks require information that may limit its pool of qualified applicants. encouraging to turn to costly and unsafe check captures. >> i do not feel safe carrying
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the money order that i get home. >> without a bank account, you are more vulnerable to loss, robbery, or theft. thankfully, the program was designed to meet the needs of every kind, so qualifying for a bank account is no longer a problem. even if you have had problems with an account in the past, have never had an account, or are not a u.s. citizen, bank on s.f. makes it easy for you to have an account. >> many people do not have a bank account because they might be in the check system, which means they had an account in the past but had problems managing it and it was closed. that gives them no option but to go to a cash -- check catcher for up to seven years. you want to give these people second chance. >> to find account best for you, follow these three easy steps. first, find a participating bank or credit union.
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call 211 or call one of our partner banks or credit unions and ask about the bank on s.f. account. both -- most bridges will have a sign in their window. second, ask about opening an account through bank on s.f.. a financial partner will guide you through this process and connect you with the account that is best for you. third, bring some form of identification. the california id, for an id, or your passport is fine. >> now you have open your account. simple? that is exactly why it was designed. you can access your account online, set up direct deposit, and make transfers. it is a real bank account. >> it is very exciting. we see people opening up second accounts. a lot of these people never had account before. people who have problems with bank accounts, people without two ids, no minimum deposit.
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we are excited to have these people. >> it has been a great partnership with bank on s.f. because we are able to offer checking, savings, minimarkets, certificates, and loans to people who might not be about to get accounts anywhere else. even if you have had a previous account at another financial institutions, we can still open an account for you, so you do not need to go to a check cashing place, which may turn to two percent of your monthly income. >> you can enroll in free educational services online. just as it -- visit with services like financial education classes and one-on-one meetings with advisers, asset smart money network makes it easy for you to learn all you need to know about managing, saving, investing, and protecting your money.
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the network offers access to hundreds of financial aid programs. to help their eruptions, fill out the quick questionnaire, and you will be steered to the program you are looking for. >> who want to make sure everyone has the chance to manage their money successfully, keep their money safe, and avoid getting ripped off. >> it sounds very good. i think people should try that one. >> to find out more, visit or call 211 and ask about the bank on s.f. program. >> now you can have a bank account. open one today.
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♪ >> welcome to hamilton recreation and aquatics center. it is the only facility that has an integrated swimming pool and recreation center combined. we have to pools, the city's water slide, for little kids and those of you that are more daring and want to try the rockslide, we have a drop slide. >> exercises for everybody. hi have a great time. the ladies and guys that come, it is for the community and we really make it fun. people think it is only for those that play basketball or swim. >> i have been coming to the pool for a long time now. it is nice, they are sweet.
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>> in the aquatics center, they are very committed to combining for people in san francisco. and also ensuring that they have public safety. >> there are a lot of different personalities that come through here and it makes it very exciting all the time. they, their family or teach their kids have a swim. >> of the gem is fantastic, there is an incredible program going on there, both of my girls have learned to swim there. it is a fantastic place, check it out. it is an incredible indication of what bonn dollars can do with
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our hearts and facilities. it is as good as anything you will find out why mca. parents come from all over. >> there are not too many pools that are still around, and this is one-stop shopping for kids. you can bring your kid here and have a cool summer. >> if you want to see some of the youth and young men throughout san francisco play some great pickup games, come wednesday night for midnight basketball. on saturdays, we have a senior lyons dance that has a great time getting exercise and a movement. we have all the music going, the generally have a good time. whether it is awkward camp or
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junior guard. >> from more information, visit >> i called the meeting of the public utilities commission to order. 7m7m>> one housekeeping item, we have an item on the closed session. there will be no need for that. there will be no closed session at the end of this meeting.
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commissioners, you have before you the minutes of july 24 meeting. thank you have any amendments or a motion? >> move to approve. >> all those in favor? the item carries unanimously. ladies and gentlemen, this would be the time for public comment on any item that is not on the commission today. i have a bunch of cards. j]j]0z>> [inaudible] >> good afternoon.
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when i was here last, i made a request and i do not know how that is coming because i do not get your notification. what is happening in bayview hunters point with the sewage, we are having a lot of leakages, overflowing of raw sewage going down the streets in the public housing of their. -- over there. it is very sad that people have to live in those conditions. most of those conditions, when houses were built back in the '50s, nothing new was put in. now i hear that people are stealing the pipes.
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they are being stolen. we also -- i have a concern, when we were promised those broken things for going to be fixed 10 years ago, they never got fixed. you all have been meeting on it. it is sad that we have to continue to smell the stench, which is unnecessary. i know you all can do better. i know you can make sure that they start putting in those things that go down into the ground. making sure the contractors deal
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with the local hiring in our community. we want to make sure everything is done correctly for the first time in 50 years ago. it was 50 years ago when they put the first sewage plant over there. we did not know we had a voice at the time. we just took your word that you would do the right thing. i am talking about the city would do the right thing. the city has not done the right thing at all for anything that it had promised those of us. let's start doing something for the people. not wait another year or two to do it. do it now. i want to make sure i do not smell nothing on my 80th birthday, which is going to be february 9. i do not want to smell that
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stuff. thank you. president moran: thank you. i understand you have several people with you here today. >> i have several people here today. sfpuc projects. the time has, to give opportunities for young peoples. they can do any type of work. ++it is very diffic.
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poison ivy, working in very hot conditions. what i am here to state to you -- some of you represent the unions, some of you have worked with the unions. when it comes to t all of you heads of departments can do nothing to stop the violence. this is serious. i have three members of the community response over here. whenever someone is shot and killed, they go and do the preliminary work. not the police. the police rely on them.
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that is where it stops. i am fortunate that the manager of the sfpuc and some others were capable of helping us, help us. they help us in directly. the time has come to help us directly. to give us jobs for 18 months or two months so that i can stop this violence -- a month or eightwo months. there is a feud between segments of the population. we just put a lid on the situation. if that situation air drops, it is on the city.
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it so happens -- erupts , it is on the city. please stand up to address this issue. police standout said they know who you are. +b7mé/k-- please stand up so tw who you are. thank you very much. president moran: thank you. >> i am from district 10. he has been fighting hard to give us jobs out here. i used to do my fair share in the streets. i'm grown now, i have three
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children. i am out there working in this heat. the project there is no more work. unemployment is unbelievable. it is even hard to get that. we need jobs. that is what we really need. we need jobs. añíxé=u coming in full force. i have 100,000 polynesian standing here in front. i am the one who started the movement. my people need jobs. and nobody looking out for us, not the polynesian community. we have all these other groups to help every other group except
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for my samoan community. j['nucwwe need jobs. we are ready. we are ready to work. we need jobs. that is it, ladies and gentlemen. president moran: thank you. >> we are working 10-hour days. [inaudible] working out there with rattlesnakes and spiders and everything. i've been staying out of trouble, working with francisco. ñwe do not have jobs long enoug, just one year.
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we had a job up in the mountains for about a month. it is not long enough. we're just trying to stay out of trouble. we need jobs for the community. all you see every day is shootings, keep the kids out of trouble. they're trying to do what they can do. the police, all they're trying to do is send us back to jail. i do not know, man. we need jobs to survive around here. president moran: thank you very much. >> [inaudible]
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president moran: thank you for talking tos3s3qrñ us. at next meeting, we will be talking about the source system improvement program. part of that discussion will be looking at options for advancing the schedule. thank you very much for coming here. we do recognize the impact that we have on jobs. i appreciate your comments. >> excuse me, i wanted to make a few comments. for those of you who attended to advocate for kimmitt -- for opportunities, i think it is
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important for me to add the knowledge that even though you are here at the puc, there&,g lot of opportunities throughout san francisco. the fact that you are coming out and you are making it clear to the public, especially those watching on sfgovtv is a critical starting point for making sure that the the message of jobs for the community continues to resonate with the citizens and the city and county of san francisco.
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i urge you to continue that. i want to commit that we will continue to do everything we can to help you out. president moran: thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i have a few handouts for you. i am here to talk about the proposed water transfer. back, we were discussing in 2008, we were very concerned about the proposal. now we are looking at -- we are back of to the 25. very disappointing for us. when it was being discussed, they werenooñqe looking at a t- year average. it was even lower in 2008. the 265 cap was already
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compromised. we did not oppose that at the time. the water transfer was controversial at the time and was a very hard decision, even for the planning commission. there is a letter from the chair, it says a lot of things. the river is a precious resource and we should continue to protect it. the system used to hundred 12.8, which is 20% below the cap. -- 212.8, which is 20% below the cap. it is a bad deal for san
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francisco taxpayers. this is for water that san francisco does not need. it is a direct subsidy. the puc would be spending 2000 per acre for water that is actually used. it is a bad deal for san franciscans. they drop their demand projections from 194 to 172. there is a lot more potential there. the transfer is a bad idea. it disincentive baez's conservation. -- disincentive


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